Baby Boomers Alone on Valentines Day
Baby Boomers Alone on Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is a holiday set aside to recognize the love of all types. But for some Baby Boomers, it can serve as a sad reminder about a loved one who has passed away.

If you are feeling particularly lonely and sad on this Valentine’s Day, below are some ways you can feel comforted.

At times like these, try to spend time with our family. Take the time to sit down with a loved one and reminisce about the love of our lives. It’s OK to pull out those photos, love letters, and vivid memories and share them anytime they feel the need to talk about it. If you had a particular Valentine’s Day tradition with their spouse, such as visiting a favorite place or eating a specific valentine’s candy, consider continuing the tradition with other family members.

Make Valentine’s Day more Festive by decorating your home. Maybe also consider having flowers or chocolate to brighten your day.

Consider picking out some romantic movies featuring great love stories that you would like and have a movie marathon. Some good ones include Casablanca, Love Story, When Harry Met Sally and Roman Holiday. Don’t forget the popcorn and any other special treats you would enjoy.

Invite a group of family and friends together to make special Valentine’s Day cards. Provide construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers to make things more traditional. Have each person draw the name of another out of a hat and make their card for that individual. Afterward, everyone can stick around for a potluck Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner to extend the comradery.

Community Valentine’s Day Mixer
These Valentine’s Day activities for Baby Boomers take a cue from the bar scene – Communities where mixers are popular.

Not all Valentine’s Day activities for Baby Boomers need to be romantic!
It’s also a great time of the year to help you form new friendships.

Community Speed “Friending” – It’s Speed Dating with a Twist!
Community residents get 5 minutes to meet a new friend before time is up… and they meet another resident.

Meet Your Match
Community residents fill out questionnaires about their favorite hobbies, interests, and music. Then, Baby Boomers can meet their “friend matches” at an event. To help new friends break the ice, plan Valentine’s Day activities to run at the event.

Stoplight Party
Help Baby Boomers to break out of our Friend Zone by making it obvious if they’re available for dating! Boomers in relationships wear red, singles wear green. If it’s complicated? They wear yellow. It’s a lighthearted way to play matchmaker.

Finally and most importantly, consider ways that you can keep occupied on this Valentine’s Day with an enjoyable activity as a way to beat the blues.

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