Increased Search Engine Traffic with Magazine Article Marketing

Increased Search Engine Traffic with Magazine Article Advertising
Increased Search Engine Traffic with Magazine Article Advertising

Increased Search Engine Traffic
Magazine Article Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an Effective type of Advertising that has proven itself to be one of the most Cost-Effective ways of getting Increased Online Search Engine Traffic to your Website, like Google, Bing, Yahoo…

Search Engine Marketing is arguably the fastest way to drive traffic to a website. In fact, the majority of New Visitors to any Website find it by performing a Search through a Major Search Engine. A Consumer searching for your Product or Service is considered a Highly Qualified Buyer. That’s where you want to be.

Search Engine Marketing reaches consumers at exactly the right time: when they are looking for information on your Product or Service.

A Well-Written, Search Engine Optimized Article Published on a High Priority, Authority Rated Website like Baby Boomer Magazine offers a proven way to Increase your Exposure in Major Search Engines.

• An Article Increases your Internet Exposure – 
….. Like having another High Priority Website.

Highly Rated Article Listing in the Search Engines
….. Effectively increases your Online Exposure.
….. Generally, a Search Engine Keyword/Phrase Optimized Editorial Article Served from an Authority Ranked Website like Baby Boomer Magazine Ranks Higher in the Major Search Engines than your own Website.

• High Quality Backlink from Article to Your Website –
….. A Backlink, also known as an inbound link or incoming link, is a link created when one website links to another website. Think of it like a vote of confidence from one website to another.
….. A Backlink from a Search Engine Optimized Article in Baby Boomer Magazine greatly improves your own Website’s Priority Ranking with Search Engines.
….. A Backlink is how Search Engines determine the Authoritativeness and Relevance of your Website for Search Queries. The more Authoritative your Website Content, the Higher Google will Reward You with a Higher Page Ranking. Backlinking is Necessary for the Best SEO and Search Engine Ranking of your own Website. Marketers can pay Hundreds of Dollars for Quality Subject Related Backlinks.  

The Key to a Successful Article Marketing Campaign is:

1) Writing an Effective Article for a High Search Engine Listing
Writing an article that will get a Top Page Listing on Search Engines is much different than writing one for almost any other marketing purpose. Article writing to be effective in a top Search Engine Listing Placement utilizes some comprehensive business relative Keyword research along with some sound online marketing expertise to develop an article writing strategy that will actually get results. Each professionally written article generally focuses on a particular Key Word/Phrases with the actual article written to give the Key Word/Phrase a high level of relevance This is also necessary for a First Page Search Engine Listing.

Vantage Media Marketing’s Magazine Article Marketing Programs utilize some of the most comprehensive Keyword/Phrase Research Software on the market today. It not only gives actual Keyword/Phrase search results on a monthly and average daily basis for the major Search Engines but actually gives a factor that represents the potential effectiveness of a Keyword/Phrase Based on the number of web pages that are linked to it. This gives our Search Engine Marketing Experts the Intelligence to Effectively Optimize an Article that will get it a Top Page Search Engine Listing – GUARANTEED!

2) Publishing an article where it can get a Top Search Engine Listing
Publishing an effectively written article is just part of a successful formula for getting a Search Engine First Page Listing. Where you actually publish your article can be the most important factor in getting an article listed. There are literally hundreds of article-publishing websites and blogs that you can post your article to. The problem is that you will NOT get a First Page Listing on any of them. That’s simply because that’s not what they are designed for.

Vantage Media Marketing’s Magazine Article Marketing Programs utilize our own Authority Rated, High Priority Magazine websites, custom-designed and built expressly for this purpose. This, in combination with an effectively written article, will launch it to a high ranking in the Major Search Engines!

3) Publish More Articles
A successful Article Marketing Campaign should initially include professionally written articles for each of your business-relative Keywords/Phrases. You can think of each article as another fishing line, capable of catching its own fish (customers) based on different Keywords. Your website only represents 1 fishing line. I think that you can agree, that the more fishing lines you put out, the more fish you will catch. Is this a no-brainer?

Our professionally developed and Key Word/Phrase Optimized Articles are quickly and effectively spidered by Search Engines as highly desirable content, especially if presented by an Authority Rated, High Priority Magazine website. These articles are strategically written with rich text Key Word/Phrase anchors which serve as one-way text links directly to your website – quickly and effectively generating Natural Search Engine traffic directly to you.

Secondarily (but no less significant), these Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Articles serve to greatly benefit your Website’s own Priority Rating (PR) through their strong positive Votes of Popularity to Search Engines. These Votes of Popularity serve to effectively over time increase your own Websites Page Ranking and therefore give it a higher  Search Engine Listing Position.

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