Baby Boomers aren’t Ready to Retire. We are Ready to REFIRE! [BOOK]

Baby Boomer Express Book
Baby Boomer Express Book

Baby Boomers Aren’t Ready to Retire. We’re Ready to REFIRE!

Baby Boomer Express Book
Baby Boomer Express Book

Baby Boomers are creating their own businesses from their homes, via the Internet. [BOOK]

Baby Boomers, as the largest generation that has ever been born, have created and swayed entire industries throughout the course of our lifetime.

Now, approaching what some refer to as “retirement age” (who are “they” talking about?) we, as a cohesive group, are once again forging new rules en masse.

We are driving the development of more companies and products that cater to our current needs.


Moving away from the corporate structure, more and more Boomers are creating their own businesses from their homes, via the Internet as once was thought,

The Internet is not a “fad” but a bona fide way to communicate worldwide in seconds.

It has coalesced the world into a virtual international marketplace in the center of town. There isn’t anything you can’t sell, any topic you can’t research and study, or any place you can’t travel through cyberspace.

The Internet has provided a solid opportunity to make a good living, if not an exceptional one. All one needs is some time, creativity, and very few dollars to set up a business that can almost run itself. You can make money while sleeping, reading, taking a walk, or ???

There is a plethora of free information on how to set up websites, market products and services, and an abundance of people and service organizations that will help those who may not have funds to invest to get set up right away.

A little research on the Internet, a service provided free at the public library, can open vast doors for those with the least experience. There are free classes at community colleges to teach anyone who wants to learn the basics of the computer to building fabulous websites.

All one needs is the inspiration and willingness to learn. The great thing about the Baby Boomers is that as a group we have a lot more than inspiration and willingness to our credit. We invented “thinking outside the box” long before the term was ever coined.

Do you remember when you didn’t take risks; rather you went on an adventure? In fact, you never even considered anything you did as a risk? You were up for anything. You could learn anything. You went the extra mile before you took the first step. Sure you did, and now is no different.

You’re just up for different things now. And the good news is there are a lot more things to do now from the comfort of your home if that’s where you prefer to be.

The future has unlimited directions no matter what age one might be. No matter what one’s income bracket is, or where one lives on the face of this beautiful blue dot in the cosmos. It’s a one-country world now, gloriously connected with the flick of a finger.

If you would like to experience what it feels like to live with an unlimited future, please order our new book “Baby Boomer Express, From Long Hair To Silver Where Do We Go From Here?” This book will change the way you think about yourself, your current circumstances, and your future and will get you going on the right track, right away!

Book: Baby Boomer Express: From Long Hair to Silver Hair… Where do we go from here?

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