Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers are Americans born between the years of 1946 and 1964 – now between the ages of 53 and 72.

Baby Boomers 18-year span is characterized by economic prosperity directly after World War II.

The Baby Boom lasted until the introduction of the birth control pill in 1964.

Baby Boomers social, cultural and economic impact on the United States has been unprecedented in its history.

Baby Boomers can afford to spend money on life’s little luxuries. Don’t be surprised to see Baby Boomers hop on their motorcycles to take a road trip or find us spending an evening in front of their 50 inch TV home theater system or booking a trip to the Bahamas.

Baby Boomers:
• Have more discretionary income (wealth) than any other age group
• Control 70% of the total net worth of American households – $7 trillion of wealth
• Own 80% of all money in savings and loan associations
• Spend more money disproportionately to their numbers
• Are not fanatically loyal to brands
• Watch television more than any other age group
• Read newspapers more than any other age group
• Account for a dramatic 40% of total consumer demand

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BabyBoomer-Magazine.com was originally developed in 2003 as a strategic Article Marketing Tool for Daryl’s 35-year-old Advertising Agency, now primarily focusing on Internet Marketing Opportunities.

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Baby Boomer Magazine
Editor and Publisher: Daryl Burns

Babyboome-Magazine.com was the Brainchild of Daryl Burns.

As a Baby Boomer myself, “I’m empowered by the fact that we have become the single largest economic group in the United States today. Boomers are well educated and increasingly well preserved. Our social, cultural and economic impact on our country has been unprecedented in its history.”

Daryl has over 25 years with his own Advertising Agency, utilizing his extensive experience and expertise in Buyer Qualitative Marketing Profiling, Target Marketing and designing Gorilla Marketing Campaigns.

Over the past 13 years, Daryl has adapted his extensive marketing and research expertise to the many opportunities presented by the Internet, mostly Website Search Engine Optimization Research and Competitive Website Listing Analysis as well as Pay and Organic Search Engine Marketing Strategies. In addition, Daryl has a high level of expertise in creative Keyword Optimized Article Copywriting, Custom Database Design and Implementation, Project Management, and Server Management.

Daryl Developed BabyBoomer-Magazine.com primarily for the purpose of engaging Baby Boomers on topics that are relevant to our lives.

According to Daryl, “The Baby Boomer Generation has always been powerful. Through this website, we aim to re-empower Boomers to live extraordinary lives and continue to accomplish extraordinary things.” Baby Boomer Bug Image