Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days to Change the World [Book/Video]

Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days to Change the World
Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days to Change the World

Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days to Change the World

Baby Boomers have 10,000 Days
Baby Boomers have 10000 Days

Author, David Mills is issuing a call to arms to the Boomers:
‘it’s time to rise up and make a difference in the world’.

David Mills is the Paul Revere of the age wave. He’s shouting his message to anyone who will listen and encouraging people in midlife and older to get involved, be active and make a difference.

David says Baby Boomers have a calling, an urge to social activism that must be fulfilled, and that it’s needed now more than ever..

Life happens, and it’s not surprising that the 78 million members of the Baby Boom generation got busy building careers and families, but David says it’s time to remember that this is the generation that did so much to improve civil rights and women’s rights.

In David Mills’ New Book,’10,000 Days: A Call to Arms for the Baby Boom Generation,’ he says he would like to see a powerful group of older social activists rise up to lead a return to citizenship, a return to family and a return to accountability.

David says if we decide we want to, the 50+ crowd can once again change the world.


Do you feel what I feel?
Is there something eating away at you? Something gnawing at your consciousness? A restlessness trickling through your soul as you venture through the middle ages?

I think I’ve figured out what it is.

Remember when we were young?
The Baby Boomers were going to change the world. Make it a better place. Remember?

It didn’t quite turn out that way, did it? Somewhere along the path of life, we became sidetracked. We got jobs. We had families. We assumed mortgages.

That was all fine. But it wasn’t what we envisioned.

That’s what’s bothering us as we chug into our fifth, sixth and seventh decades.

We didn’t create a greater society for the generations behind us. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Now, what do we do? Throw up our hands? Slink into retirement? Shrink into oblivion?

Not hardly.

Baby Boomers, we need to reawaken.
Find the spirit that evoked thought and action 40 years ago.
Rekindle the internal flame that is still burning like a tiny pilot light in many of us.

This phase of our lives is not our swan song. It is our call to arms.

There are 78 million of us Baby Boomers.
The largest generation in United States history. A generation with an activist past that now has a half-century of knowledge and experience under their belts. A generation that now has a little more free time to go along with its accumulated wisdom and perspective.

It’s time we grow up and step up. Take charge of our society. Be the force we said we were going to be four decades ago.

Our golden years can be our best years.

We can steer our nation on a better course. By being activists, mentors and family leaders.

We still have 30 productive years ahead of us. That’s 10,000 days. Plenty of time.

Our final chapter hasn’t been written, my fellow Boomers.
What will our legacy be?

What we did when we were young…or what we did when we were old.

 “10,000 Days” is now available on
Mills used Amazon’s self-publishing site, “CreateSpace,” to bring his book to print.

BOOK: 10,000 Days: A Call To Arms For The Baby Boom Generation