Baby Boomers Want to do it ‘Our Way’ [VIDEO]

Baby Boomers Want to do it ‘Our Way’

Those born during the Baby Boomer years have seen and participated in many changes. Among them, is our desire to do things “Our Way”.

Prior to the Second World War, there was a reluctance to have children.

The Great Depression took a toll on family finances and frankly, most adults were reluctant to bring new children into the world in those circumstances.

The end of World War II changed the outlook and beginning in 1946, there was a true boom in births.

There may be some disagreement over the exact years of the Baby Boom, but most agree on the years between 1946 and 1964 as the criteria for being called a “Boomer.” Regardless of the time frame, those of us born during the Baby Boomer years have seen and participated in many changes.

From the war protests of the 1960s and the music migration of the 1950s, Baby Boomers have experimented and experienced many things in our lives and if we didn’t understand many of the views, we simply created new views. Among them, is our desire to do things “Our Way”.

Many of today’s baby boomers want little to do with the idea of retiring into oblivion. We want to continue to effect changes, as we have done our entire working life. They want their golden years to represent more than the number of candles on their birthday cake. We want to be able to walk to the table and blow out the candles without any help from the grandkids.

Today’s medical research may be playing a key role in our attitudes toward our longevity. With today’s medical technology, Baby Boomers are living longer and we are not willing to simply accept aging as a natural part of growing older.

We understand what it takes to remain healthy. Not merely going for botox treatments or nip and tuck surgery. We want to feel good from the inside while looking good from the outside.

Staying healthy has us looking for natural supplements that can replace many of the needs that age may be slow to replace.

Baby Boomers are also reluctant to discuss death and dying and do not always believe this to be a reality of life. One of the key contributions of the baby boomer generation is the desire for individual freedoms.

We want the freedom to choose how we will live, where we will live and for how long we will live.

Baby Boomers take our choices seriously and continue to find new ways to live healthier and happier.

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Baby Boomers Want to do it “Our Way” 

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