Search Using ‘Baby Boomers’ and Not ‘Seniors’ in Our Searches



Search Using ‘Baby Boomers’
in your search for
Boomer Products & Services
that are specifically designed for our
Baby Boomer Generation


Who are Boomers and who are Seniors?

   Baby Boomer Generation –
1946-1964 (Ages 46-64)
   Silent Generation (Seniors) –
1925-1945 (Ages 65-85)

Marketing in the United States continues to be focused on the 25 – 54 Demographic for mainstream America.

Marketing in the United States considers the 72+ to be Seniors.

Most all Baby Boomers in their 50’s and early 60’s are (for marketing purposes) are considered BABY BOOMERS.

Unique Issues for Baby Boomers

(Different from Seniors and Younger Adults):
• Working Careers are Winding Down
• The reality of Working During Retirement
• Financial Planning for Retirement
• Increasing Health Issues – Anti-aging Products
• Vacations that are Active and Adventurous
• Home Remodeling and Living Plans without Children

How do Baby Boomers find products and services designed for US?

Add ‘baby boomers’ to your Search Engine Search and see the huge difference.

Try these Google Searches, with and without Baby Boomers in the Search:
(Click on the text link to see the Google Search)

activitiesbaby boomer activities
business opportunitiesbaby boomer business opportunities
concertsbaby boomer concerts
cruisesbaby boomer cruises
datingbaby boomer dating
entertainmentbaby boomer entertainment
employment – baby boomer employment
exercise – baby boomer exercise
financial concerns – baby boomer financial concerns
house plans – baby boomer house plans
health concernsbaby boomer health concerns
health productsbaby boomer health products
magazinebaby boomer magazine
nostalgiababy boomer nostalgia
retirement issuesbaby boomer retirement issues
social securitybaby boomer social security
vacations – baby boomer vacations
volunteers – baby boomer volunteers

Use ‘baby boomer’ in your Search Engine Searches.

 Baby Boomer Magazine,
with due consideration of the present economic situation,
has committed its investigative and editorial resources
to find individuals and companies of integrity
as well as products, services, and opportunities for quality and true benefit
of all Baby Boomers in our preparation and implementation of our
retirement with a desirable quality of life.