Baby Boomers Experience Definitely Does Count!

Baby Boomers Experience Definitely Does Count
Baby Boomers Experience Definitely Does Count

Baby Boomers Experience Definitely Does Count!

According to Webster’s Dictionary, experience means: 
knowledge, skill, practice, understanding, know-how, and familiarity. 

Aging Baby Boomers bring with them a level of “acknowledgment” that we have experienced daily.  

Every day through simple daily living and circumstances, knowledge is stored in the deepest recesses of our mind. 

Even though, as the Baby Boomer Generation ages we move closer to a time in our life when our brain begins to let go of information and forgetfulness comes to bear. 

At the same time, we are really just learning how vast the stores of knowledge are buried within us. 

Knowledge can also be described as the wisdom within and a result of collected experiences through living to a ripe old age.

I believe two of the greatest gifts and assets offered by aging Baby Boomers are:

Our experience and wisdom give Baby Boomers the potential to use our creative thinking and constructive ideas to create various kinds of skillful mental qualities. Keep in mind, as we persevere in growing old it is important in life we continue to mature – this also ads to our wisdom and experience.

A human’s lifespan is traditionally divided into three stages, the first, the middle and the last stage. Of course, with attention to what is good and right, one should live a good life through all the three stages of life. However if, through negligence, one fails to fulfill the good life in the first and middle stages of life, there is still room left for one to fulfill it in the last one, that is, in one’s old age when he or she has collected experience and wisdom.
Scientists have found that even into our seventies our brains continue to produce new neurons. They also found that the aging brain might even provide unique advantages that form the basis for wisdom.  Studies have shown that a Baby Boomers aging brain is far more resilient than was previously believed. There are many people who are inspiring examples in showing the brain’s ability to stay vital in their later years by achieving huge accomplishments. 

If you needed repairs on your house, or on your car wouldn’t you want someone with experience to do the work?  If you were going to have surgery wouldn’t you want to have a surgeon with experience? If you were going to court wouldn’t you want an attorney who had years of experience?  Life is full of countless examples where we would choose someone with experience because we know ‘experience counts’ were years and years of living gain this type of knowledge and wisdom.

A Baby Boomer might say, ‘ I know so much about life and how to live it well, that I’ve got some wonderful knowledge to share’ and rightfully so. There have been many times that I have said to myself ‘I only wish when I was younger I knew what I now know now about life.’  I bet you’ve said that a couple of times yourself.

Emerson once said: “As we grow old, the beauty steals inward.”

As Baby Boomers, we need to appreciate and share our inner beauty with others and be confident that there are many gifts to give from our continuing experience.