Baby Boomer Travel Habits Include Carry-on Bags

Baby Boomers Need Carry On Bags
Baby Boomers Need Carry On Bags

Baby Boomer Travel Habits Includes Carry-on Bags

When preparing to travel by plane with carry-on bags, Baby Boomers need to pack their carry-on luggage wisely. Know what to pack and what to leave at home. Here are some thoughts on traveling by plane.

Many Baby Boomer air travelers discover the rules on carry-on luggage only after they have packed and are at the airport when it’s too late to make changes. Airlines have different rules about what carry-on bags will be accepted, depending on the airline carrier and the particular type of aircraft that the airline is using on your particular flights. Always check with the individual airline about its specific carry-on bag rules before you head for the airport.

Remove heavy objects like large metal buckles and knives that will get picked up by the luggage scanning machines or activate the metal-detector alarm at the airport security checkpoints. Remember, you don’t need to carry everything in your carry-on luggage. Wearing clothing with extra pockets, such as cargo pants, or those vests that professional photographers wear, you can carry many smaller items and leave space for the bigger stuff in your carry-on luggage.

For your essential toiletries and travel accessories, do away with the bumper family size bottles and decant rations into smaller bottles. Not only will you save space, but also a lot of weight. If you run out you can always buy some more. You can also find all manner of accessories that have been designed for traveling and to be compact. For example, a travel towel can be a quarter of the size of a traditional towel.

Remember, most destinations will have places you can buy the basics you need to get you by. Need a smarter shirt for an unplanned trip to a fancy restaurant, just buy one at a local store. You’ll also be able to discard these items if you need to before you leave.

Finally, Ask Others For Their Tips for traveling with Carry-on bags. If you see someone breezing through check-in with just one carry-on bag, stop him or her and them how they do it. Most people love to show off how clever and travel-savvy they are, so they’ll be happy to share their wisdom with you!

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