1. What areas of your health were you looking to improve by taking the challenge?
Check all boxes that apply:
Poor SleepStressJoint SupportOccasional HeadachesDigestive SupportPainImmune SupportOverall MoodOther

2. What date did you start the UltraCell Challenge?

3. Did you take the product for 7 days?

4. Did you notice any health benefits while taking the product? [radio* health-benefits-seen default:1 "Yes" "No" "Maybe"]




8. Based on your results would you continue using the product each month?[radio* use-in-future default:1 "Yes" "No" "Maybe"]

9. Would you be interested in saving money as a preferred customer?[radio* saving-money default:1 "Yes" "No" "Maybe"]

10. (or) would you prefer to purchase UltraCell at retail pricing now?[radio* purchase-retail default:1 "Yes" "No"]

11. Would you like to learn how to purchase UltraCell at wholesale?[radio* purchase-retail default:1 "Yes" "No" "Maybe"]

12. What family members and friends do you have that could benefit from taking the UltraCell Challenge?