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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Intervention for Executives

April 15th, 2017
Business Executives with a Chemical Dependency will begin to under function in variety of ways, often experiencing a loss of creativity and productivity.


Business Executives with a Chemical Dependency will begin to under function in variety of ways, often experiencing a loss of creativity and productivity.

Alcohol and other Drug Addiction is a life threatening illness that impacts every aspect of a Business Executive,s life, destroying relationships, negatively affecting one’s vocation, causing long-term health problems and destroying dreams while eating away at one's resolve to seek help.

Chemical dependency is also an illness of ambivalence that will thwart a Business Executive's efforts and desire to take action.

Business Executives with a Chemical Dependency will begin to under function in a variety of ways that nevertheless have some specific outcomes that are often experienced as a loss of creativity and productivity.

Drug Addiction Interventions for Executives are specifically designed for Senior Managers who have developed destructive habits resulting from alcohol or other drug abuse.

Weyland Consultation Services provides Orchestrated Alcohol and Drug Interventions with the specific goal of getting the identified abuser into treatment. It is their belief that such services should only be employed when a qualified counselor has made the assessment that it is the only option left for the business and/or family.

When performing an Executive Drug Addiction Intervention, many of the same steps are employed when working with families, but instead of family members as participants, often selected Senior Management and colleagues form the intervention team. It is important to note that when indicated the Executive's family may be involved if the interventionist and team members think it will positively impact the intervention outcome.

Because of the exceptional need for privacy in these Drug Intervention situations, a strategy of discretion and confidentiality would be custom tailored for the Executive's particular situation.

Businesses and families are typically afraid, and at their wits end when they decide that they are in need of an Executive Drug Intervention.  It is the job of the trained interventionist to clinically assess both the need for an intervention, and when indicated, the levels of intervention that will best serve.

Weyland's approach to an Executive Intervention is generally a less restrictive and certainly a less intrusive intervention approach, as well as entertains the idea that there are often intermediate or gradations of intervention strategies that may be employed. 

Weyland prides itself on providing intervention services and ongoing Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services that are custom tailored to the needs of the Executive’s situation. Their Interventions are performed with an eye toward avoiding additional harm to the dependent person, their work environment and family.

Weyland Consultation Services specializes in designing treatment programs that address the values and beliefs of the people they serve, thereby increasing their ability to engage and participate as active collaborants in their treatment. This open ended and person specific approach has proved to be a strong deterrent to behavioral and chemical relapse.

With the experiential knowledge they have gained from working with many Executives over the years, Weyland has created Drug Intervention and Rehabilitation Programs that are inviting, easily accessible, and that fit into an Executives life in such a way as to make coming into treatment more palatable.
Weyland Consultation Services prides itself on creating individualized Discrete Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Plans when needed to meet Executives specific needs. There are times when the requirements of career and/or family just won’t allow the Executive to fit into one of their pre–designed plans. In such cases, they will thoroughly discuss and professionally evaluate the particular situation to make every attempt to create a plan to meet the unique needs. More importantly they are designed to encompass your values and beliefs as an intrinsic part of how they provide services.

With entirely Individualized Intervention and Rehabilitation Programs there is not a specific cost applied. Therefore, the cost of these services will be defined by their various service rates and what treatment is required.

Weyland Consultation Services offers a Discreet and Confidential Intervention and Outpatient Alcohol and Drug and Treatment Programs for adults and adolescents in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. With their office in Walnut Creek they serve the Cities of Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, Lafayette, Moraga, Pleasanton as well as the greater San Francisco bay Area of California.

Weyland Consultation Services
Walnut Creek Addiction and Recovery
2930 Camino Diablo, Suite 110
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area)
Phone: (925) 945-7816 ext. 41

Fred Wade holds both National and State certifications as an addictions counselor. He has worked in the field of addiction since the mid 80’s, having worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Weyland Consultation Services which specializes in outpatient treatment of addictive disorders for adults and adolescent males and females. Weyland Consultation Services is located in Walnut Creek California, and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Article by:
Dean Burns


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