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Baby Boomers Seek Legal Herbs [VIDEO]

July 10th, 2008
[VIDEO] Legal herbs are different varieties of plant species that can be smoked or burned like incense to create a sense of well being.
Legal herbs are more commonly referred to as legal alternatives to marijuana. Legal herbs are different varieties of plant species that can be smoked or burned like incense to create a sense of well being, and in some individuals, euphoria or a mild marijuana like effects. Marijuana alternatives like legal herbs are less expensive comparatively speaking than their illegal counterparts, and are pleasurable to smell without any noxious odors. Different strains of legal herbs are available for purchase from online retailers for very reasonable prices. These vendors feature legal herb varieties that are a potent, pleasant alternative to tobacco products, and are available in different forms also, such as buds, smoking herbs and blends.

Retailers of legal herbs carry similar strains; Wild Dagga, Kanna, Marijuanilla, Blue Lotus, and Damiana are some of the most popular legal herbs and each is said to have different therapeutic actions. Legal herb products featured for sale at sites such as or are advertised as potent and exotic, a healthy alternative. Damiana is said to act as a mild aphrodisiac and produce a feeling of euphoria that can last up to 1 ½ hours. It also acts to stimulate the genito-urinary tract. Wild Dagga and it’s close relative Marijuanilla are touted as the best legal herb alternatives available; both produce a pleasant euphoric effect, and the smoke produced is smooth and pleasant tasting. Kanna is a potent legal herb that has been used for centuries as a mood enhancer, and is related to St. John’s Wart, which is primarily used to treat depression. If you are currently taking any medications, it would be a good idea to check with your physician before using any type of herbal or dietary supplement.

Legal Highs on BBC News

Like other smoking substances, there are certain risks involved when inhaling or burning any type of legal herb. As with most combustible substances, tars and toxins from the plant are likely released into the air or into the lungs. Smoking any substance habitually has been shown to have detrimental effects on health, therefore moderation is key. The occasional use of legal herbs has not been related to any long term health effects, but as with anything, use with care and common sense. To learn more, you can purchase a copy of “Legal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs & Chemicals with Psychoactive Properties” by Adam Gottlieb, to view a comprehensive listing of a number of substances used by people around the world for various reasons. Check it out. 

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Article by:
Dean Burns


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