The Baby Boomer Generation Made America What it is Today

Baby Bboomers Made in America
Baby Bboomers Made in America

The Baby Boomer Generation
Made America What it is Today

The Baby Boomer Generation is considered the generation that made the most significant and memorable impact on the United States – and on the world.

The Baby Boomer Generation fought for civil rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens regardless of belief, gender, race, and age.

The Baby Boomer Generation is politically inclined with more tenure in the political office than other generations.

The Baby has a wide view of politics and is increasingly interested in the way the nation is run. In fact, there have been two baby boomer presidents in the United States.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were the very first Baby Boomer presidents of the United States. Furthermore, these presidents have emphasized widely on civil rights for Americans and have led the United States to economic growth.

The Baby Boomer Generation grew up knowing that the American Military can never be defeated and the bad guys were people who are socialist and communist. We grew up in the Cold War era and grew up hating people who have communist ideals.

The Baby Boomers Generation made education one of the main priorities of the United States of America. Those of us that were born in this era experienced fighting for our civil rights during the time of the Vietnam War.

Bottom Line: The Baby Boomer Generation was the one responsible for our current lifestyle and fought for your right as a citizen of a great nation. It is just right that we should be treated with respect and dignity.