Unemployed Baby Boomers are Not Taking Off – Downsized Labor Day

Downsized Labor Day – Unemployed Baby Boomers are Not Taking Off Work This Holiday Weekend

This year’s Labor Day is not going to be a picnic for many Baby Boomers.

This Labor Day should be called a “Downsized Labor Day.”

Downsized and unemployed, many Baby Boomers just wanted a desk to report to, a time card to punch, a paycheck to cash.

The United States this weekend is celebrating the Labor Day Holiday by taking a day off work.

Sure, we can honor those who are still employed, but let’s focus on those Baby Boomers still looking for work.

Lets make some adjustments to the Labor Day Celebration this year.

Those Baby Boomers who are employed should commit to do one Labor Day Celebration event to benefit those Baby Boomers who have lost their job – return their call, help them make a networking connection or invite them to lunch.

USA TODAY reports that Baby Boomer men and women older than 55 have the highest jobless rates since the Great Depression.

The downsized Baby Boomer worker disappears into the cracks of the virtual world of unemployment statistics, one of every 10 of us rendered invisible by a stock market that seems to shrug off our vast numbers.

While the majority of Baby Boomer workers still continue to report to their jobs, the unemployed Baby BOomers are busy figuring out how long they can nurse the cup of coffee at the local cafe, using the free wireless to shoot their résumés out into the world.

This Downsized Labor Day, Baby Boomers don’t need to have the perfect (or any!) job to know that we are respected and valued.

When it comes to helping a Baby Boomer job hunter, know that anything you can offer — even if it’s just a hanky and a cup of tea — will be real cause for celebration.