Retiree Financial Survival Guide Getting Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid Financial SurvivaL Guide
Covid Financial SurvivaL Guide

Retiree COVID-19
Financial Survival Guide

Covid Financial Survival Guide
COVID Financial Survival Guide

Back in March 2020, most Baby Boomers wouldn’t have dreamed that we would still be in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic at year-end. Yet here we are. This crisis has had a horrific impact on millions of peoples’ physical health and lives. But it has also brought forth numerous financial challenges, too.

With countless job losses, shuttered businesses, an extremely volatile stock market, and minuscule interest rates, it may seem like you have no control over your short- or long-term financial planning.

“I Always say, there are still strategies you can use to help ensure the safety of your principal, as well as to generate an ongoing, reliable retirement income in the future. Before committing to any type of plan, it is important that you have a good understanding of what your potential options are.”

How Coronavirus has Impacted Your Savings and Investments
COVID-19 came on strong and was in large part responsible for an *approximately 23% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the first quarter of 2020. With reduced portfolio values and lower (or no) contributions to retirement plans due to job loss, many people have had to dip into savings just to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to a downward financial spiral, and in turn, reduce the amount you’ll have available down the road. Further, putting your everyday expenses on credit can be even more detrimental, as it can cause a significant amount of high-interest debt.

COVID-19 Financial Planning for Baby Boomers
Financial planning during COVID-19 involves taking a close look at your current and future expenses, as well as any sources of income generation. To make sure that you’ve covered all the bases, it is helpful to have a checklist like the one below. It can also be beneficial if there are resources you can tap into if you have any questions as you move forward.

COVID-19 Checklist for Baby Boomers
Re-evaluate your household budget and see where you could cut expenses (even just a little bit here and there can add up to a lot of savings over time).
Determine where your current savings could be at risk and consider reallocating to safer financial alternatives.
Obtain an estimate of how much you (and/or your spouse) may receive from Social Security. You can access the Social Security Benefits Estimator by visiting:
Determine where any of your other retirement income may come from, as well as an approximate amount you may receive from each (i.e., an employer-sponsored pension plan, rental real estate, dividends from personal investments, etc.)
Discuss your short- and long-term financial objectives with a professional who specializes in retirement income planning.

Planning Ahead with a New Retirement Strategy
Going forward, our “new normal” will likely look a bit different from our lives pre-COVID. This includes our financial and retirement planning. In my opinion, it is essential not to rely solely on “traditional” (but outdated) retirement planning methods.

Securing a Retirement Income “Floor,” where you can count on a regular income stream for a set period of time – or even for the remainder of your lifetime – is a key component to a more successful financial future, even in the midst of economic uncertainty. This is available through our Affiliated Insurance Agency.

How to Ensure that Your Retirement Income Plan Stays on Track
While nobody knows what direction the COVID-19 crisis or the economy will take in the future, there are still ways to plan so that you can keep your finances in check. Your first step should be to go over your current financial situation and needs, as well as your future goals.

Baby Boomer Financial Survival for Covid Pandemic

Retirement Income Advisory Group LLC
Retirement Income Advisory Group LLC is a Fiduciary, as an Investment Advisor. Their main business is working with Baby Boomers near or in their retirement. We often find that there are problems with their plans, which can crop up, like cholesterol in the arteries. The damage has gone unnoticed for years, and it could be too late. Our job is to help Boomers through the maze before them.

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Artie Bernaducci
Artie Bernaducci

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