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American Baby Boomers Make Friends Retiring in Costa Rica [VIDEO]

September 21st, 2013
[VIDEO] You can't help bumping into other Baby Boomer Americans since there are over 30,000 American Gringos living in Costa Rica permanently.

Where American Baby Boomers
Make Friends Retiring in Costa Rica

You can't help bumping into other Baby Boomer Americans since there are over 30,000 American Gringos living in Costa Rica permanently.

You most certainly will find it easy to meet fellow Americans in Costa Rica. With over 30,000 of us living there permanently, newcomers only have to find an enclave of fellow countrymen to make new friends.

Another good way of contacting other American residents is by participating in some of the activities listed in the weekend editions of the Tico Times.

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These newspapers serve as a vital link in the foreign community, or "Gringo Grapevine"and help to put us in touch with a whole network of Americans and the services they offer.

American Baby Boomers have absolutely no reason to be lonely living in Costa Rica. There are English poetry readings, art and sculpture exhibitions as well as other activities where people can easily socialize. The American Costa Rican Cultural Center has many events where you can also make new acquaintances.

NBC News: Baby Boomers Retiring Overseas in Costa Rica

Some of the many American Clubs and Organizations in Costa Rica.
Aikido Club
American Legion Post 11
American Legion Post 12
Canadian Club
Chess Club
Democrats Abroad
Disabled American Veterans
English-Spanish Conversation Club
Internet Club
Investment Club of Costa Rica
Lions Club
Mac User Group
Mountain Bike Club
National Bridge Association
Newcomers' Club
PC Club
Readers Club
Republicans Abroad
Rotary Club
Spanish/English Conversation Club
Singles Club
Women's Club of Costa Rica

Baby Boomers Move to Costa Rica for High Quality & Low Cost Healthcare

Baby Boomers are Looking at Costa Rica for Retirement Living in Paradise

Baby Boomers Find Costa Rica the Place to Live in Tough Economic Times

For a complete listing of clubs and other related activities, look under the weekly "What's Doing" section in the Tico Times. 

Book: The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

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