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Women's Discrete Outpatient Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs

April 13th, 2017
There is a vast difference between men and women in Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs and should consider one just for women.

Women’s Discrete Outpatient Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs

Alcohol and other Drug Addiction is a life threatening illness that impacts every aspect of a woman’s life - including destroying personal relationships, the removal of children, negatively affecting their vocation, causing long-term health problems and destroying dreams while eating away at one's resolve to seek help.

There is a vast difference between men and women in Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs. This is primarily because most Substance Abuse Treatment Services were initially planned with men in mind. This is no longer the case.

Additional complications with treatment of Women include:
• The stigma of female addiction
• A higher incidence of sexual trauma and abuse
• The heightened sensitivity of women's bodies to alcohol and other drugs
• More likely to have the responsibility of children to care for
• The limited medical research on women's substance abuse

For a Woman’s Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Treatment Program to be successful, Women need a substance recovery program that is specifically designed for them.

Most important for many women seeking substance abuse treatment is to find a discrete outpatient rehabilitation program that allows for the continuation of their life obligations with minimal interruption.

Women’s Discrete Outpatient Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Treatment Program

Weyland Consultation Services offers Discrete Outpatient Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs specifically designed for women to attain a successful recovery.

Located in the Greater San Francisco Bay area, Weyland offers both group and individual outpatient opportunities for women that offer flexible hours and can even include the creation of a personalized program to fit into their family and career schedule.

Weyland Consultation Services provides their services in a calm and soothing environment that supports a woman’s efforts to take the risk to make steps toward ongoing recovery at their own pace. Many women have been pushed throughout their lives and Weyland through their extensive experience that pushing people only tends to encourage behavioral or literal relapse.

Central to all of Weyland’s Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services is the core understanding that a woman’s personal values, self concept and view the world must be an intrinsic part of their treatment for a treatment program is to be successful in mapping a road to recovery.

Weyland Consultation Services of Walnut Creek California is committed to do whatever they can to make coming into treatment palatable and possible for a woman. They will help them overcome this painful, destructive illness while allowing a woman to continue their life obligations with minimal interruption.

Weyland Consultation Services also provides Orchestrated Alcohol and Drug Interventions with the specific goal of getting the identified abuser into treatment. It is their belief that such services should can only be employed when a qualified counselor has made the assessment that it is the only option left for the business and/or family.

Weyland Consultation Services offers a Discreet and Confidential Intervention and Outpatient Alcohol and Drug and Treatment Programs for adults and adolescents in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. With their office in Walnut Creek they serve the Cities of Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, Lafayette, Moraga, Pleasanton as well as the greater San Francisco bay Area of California.

Weyland Consultation Services
Walnut Creek Addiction and Recovery
2930 Camino Diablo, Suite 110
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area)
Phone: (925) 945-7816 ext. 41

Fred Wade holds both National and State certifications as an addictions counselor. He has worked in the field of addiction since the mid 80’s, having worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Weyland Consultation Services which specializes in outpatient treatment of addictive disorders for adults and adolescent males and females. Weyland Consultation Services is located in Walnut Creek California, and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Article by:
Dean Burns


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