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Baby Boomers Making New Years Resolution That Could Save Lives

January 6th, 2016
Baby Boomers need to realize that waiting for symptoms to appear kills hundreds of thousands of us every year. The solution is for to make a New Years Resolution to actively manage our health.

Baby Boomers
Making New Years Resolutions
That Could Save Lives

Baby Boomers need to realize that waiting for symptoms to appear kills hundreds of thousands each year.

The solution is for Baby Boomers to make a resolution this New Year to actively manage our health.

Boomers need to seek out the best preventive-focused physician experts and sophisticated technologies to help them maximize their quality of life.

The Center for Preventive Medicine(TM), has launched a national system of hospital licensed, preventive care centers to provide easy access to prevention centered physicians and the best medical technologies,

The 78 million Baby Boomers need to make our New Years Resolution to take charge of our health and to forget about the traditional wait and see approach of the past.

The health care reimbursement system in the United States in general actually works against maximizing our high quality life span. Under most coverage, we have to prove that we have a disease by waiting for symptoms to appear, before we can access sophisticated diagnostic technologies and medical care.

Unfortunately, the symptomatic stage is the fourth of six stages of disease. This scenario produces less effective treatments, needless deaths, suffering and ultimately higher healthcare costs.

Baby Boomers need to be proactive, preventive health care strategies empower us with the information and tools necessary to live our life better and longer.

The Center for Preventive Medicine(TM) provides Baby Boomers with a proactive solution to with lifelong health management planning as an integral component of their preventive medicine program.

It includes access to sophisticated, physician directed evaluations and diagnostic technologies that can detect the presence of cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as other conditions, before symptoms develop.

Baby Boomers are just now discovering that the progression of disease occurs over stages, taking many years, and in some cases decades of silent progression to develop into symptoms, the typical engagement point for care in traditional medicine. As a result, 700,000 strokes occur each year, more than a million heart attacks including 300,000 sudden death heart attacks, and hundreds of thousands of cases of late stage cancer are detected.

A common response from many physicians is, 'If only we had known earlier... "The later we find out about these lives threatening conditions, the more irreversible the damage becomes and the more expensive the care. We Baby Boomers should not just stand idly by waiting for telltale symptoms to appear.

Baby Boomers (the Take Charge Generation) must be proactive and The New Year is the perfect time for us to make the commitment and take charge of our health. The Center for Preventive Medicine(TM) 

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