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Baby Boomer Women are Using Menopause Home Test Kits [VIDEO]

July 2nd, 2009
[VIDEO] Home menopause testing kit helps Baby Boomer Women understand whether symptoms are part of the natural process leading up to menopause or other causes.

Baby Boomer Women are
Using Menopause Home Test Kits

Home menopause testing kit helps Baby Boomer Women understand whether symptoms are part of the natural process leading up to menopause or other causes.

With North American Baby Boomer women entering menopause at the rate of 2 million women annually, a revolution in attitudes has spawned new products to help women manage a stage in their lives that is no longer kept a dark secret.

Like home pregnancy tests and do-it-yourself blood pressure monitors, a home menopause testing kit created by CST Medical Ltd. helps women understand whether symptoms such as hot flashes are part of the natural process leading up to menopause or possibly due to other causes.

Because symptoms of going into menopause vary so dramatically from woman to woman, it’s great to know whether night sweats, irritability, vaginal dryness, insomnia and other symptoms are due to impending menopause or to other health factors.

Armed with this information, a Baby Boomer woman can better prepare for a relevant conversation with her doctor about her risk of osteoporosis and whether or not she should consider hormone replacement therapy -- or look into alternate explanations for symptoms. If the test is positive, she can also explain to her partner that her unpredictable mood swings have a physiological cause.

CST Medicals Menopause Home Test
Kit determines whether or not a woman’s urine contains an elevated level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (known as FSH), which is generally secreted into a woman’s bloodstream by the pituitary gland when her estrogen level has begun to fall. For most women, estrogen levels begin to fall several years prior to menopause. Each kit contains two tests, to be used seven days apart for greatest accuracy.

Understanding Menopause Video:

If the test fails to indicate an elevated FSH level, then a woman’s hot flashes or night sweats might be caused by medication, stress or just being overheated and that too is something she might want to discuss with her doctor.

Buy a Menopause Test Kit: Home-use Menopause Test Kit (2 tests)

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