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Baby Boomers are Taking Anti-aging Supplements to Live Better

June 20th, 2012
Baby Boomers are finding out good things about a few anti-aging supplements, such as: DHEA, GPC, DHA and other Omega-3 sources, such as Fish or Flaxseed Oils.

Baby Boomers are Taking
Anti-aging Supplements

Baby Boomers are finding out good things about a few anti-aging supplements, such as: DHEA, GPC, DHA and other Omega-3 sources, such as Fish or Flaxseed Oils.

Now that Baby Boomers are getting a little older, we are thinking more about how to keep our bodies and minds in peak physical condition as we age and enter retirement.

A few years ago I heard a lot of good things about a few anti-aging suppliments.

DHEA, for example, I believe to be a good one. DHEA is a substance produced by the our body's adrenal glands, but as you get older, its levels drop off - which is supposed to be connected to the aging process of both body and mind. According to scientists, DHEA is one of the best aging supplements because it is such a necessary part of your own health and internal chemistry. Taking it increases levels of testosterone, as well as growth factor hormones, which help the body heal and continuously repair cell damage.

Another of the anti-aging supplements that I have found to be very good are the sources oils containing essential Omega 3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed oil and some fish oils. The essential fatty acids we receive from these medicinal oils are supposed to exert a powerful anti-aging effect while contributing to fighting free radicals. Excessive free radical occurs when there is insufficient antioxidants in the body to stop the "chain-reaction" of free radicals being formed. As a result of this, age related diseases - coronary heart diseases; stroke; cancer; arthritis; alzheimers; cataracts - may result.

I personally swear by the daily use of DHEA and anti-aging oil supplements. I have noticed my own benefits in my energy levels and in memory. I realize that there is no miraculous anti-aging supplement that will solve all of our aging problems, but I also realize that I feel better just knowing that I am doing something to help myself every day to live a healthy and more active life.

A glass of wine before bed, and no whiskey before noon I always say. 

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Article by:
Dean Burns


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